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PRI Summary Scorecard

Manulife Investment Management is a signatory to the PRI and pays a signatory fee calculated based on AUM as reported in the PRI's 2021 Annual Reporting and Assessment Framework, published in September 2022. It is compulsory for signatories to report on their responsible investment activities annually. The PRI assesses a signatory's activities according to its assessment methodology, and its output includes the PRI Assessment Report and Transparency Report from which this summary scorecard was sourced. Visit the PRI website for details and assessment methodology.

The scoring thresholds define at which percentage boundary a grade is allocated. 1 star: does not do ESG or 0% < 25%; 2 stars: 25% < 40%; 3 stars: 40% < 65%; 4 stars: 65% < 90%; 5 stars: 90% < 100%.

*Manulife Investment Management currently does not manage any passive equity strategies where the investment mandates or policies permit us to incorporate ESG considerations into investment decisions. For assets managed by our passive listed equities strategies, we are an active steward where we review and vote proxies and engage investee companies.

2021 PRI Assessment Report

2021 PRI Transparency Report