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A zoom into Asia's pension reform journey - different perspectives of a "multi-pillar" approach

  • Plan for retirement with inflation in mind

    To live comfortably in sliver age, your goal should not be merely to accumulate assets worth a nominal value. Inflation should also be considered to ensure an investment appreciates over the years, so its real purchasing power can satisfy your retirement needs.

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  • Retirement Insights

    Our Asia Retirement Insights offers our thoughts and analysis to pension savers in Asia.

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  • The importance of staying active - Investing for retirement in uncertain times

    The era of reliable investment returns appears over, at least for the foreseeable future, and that poses significant challenges for retirees in Asia. COVID-19 has made matters worse with a low-interest rate (and, in some countries, a negative-interest rate) environment coupled with low bond yields, and has all but guaranteed an uncertain trajectory for stock markets.

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