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Asian market outlook

03 July 2020

With many countries and regions in Asia gradually easing their COVID-19 restrictions and resuming work, is now the time for investors to review their portfolios? If so, what are the investment themes that will drive Asian and Greater China markets?

In June 2020, Manulife Investment Management hosted webinars where our investment experts shared what they think will happen next and where investment opportunities lie in the Asian markets. We have taken some of the key highlights of the webinars for your easy viewing. Alternatively, you may view the full webinar replays.

Asian fixed income

Hear from our speakers why Asian bonds which have high credit quality is an increasingly attractive asset class.


Endre Pedersen, CIO, Fixed Income, Asia ex-Japan

Fiona Cheung, Head of Credit, Asia

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Asian equities

Our speakers share the advantages of investing in North Asia and the three crucial trends in Asia right now: more digital, more debt, and less global.


Ronald Chan, CIO, Equities, Asia ex-Japan

Kai Kong Chay, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Greater China Equities

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