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Seeking sustainable and regular income streams

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Our suite of income solutions

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Seeking sustainable and regular income streams in a challenging environment

2023 heralds a year of transition from the unprecedented challenges in 2022, against a macro backdrop characterized by heightened global inflation, uncertainty over when US Federal Reserve rates might peak, and concerns of a global recession – which were further exacerbated by an unexpected banking crisis and fears of a potential “lost decade” of growth. In this uncertain environment, building resilient and consistent income opportunities is now more important than ever. 

At Manulife Investment Management, we offer a diverse range of income solutions for different investor objectives and risk appetites, with the goal of building consistent income streams to help investors weather market changes and volatility.  

Our suite of income solutions

Enhanced income option


For investors seeking relatively higher income compared to regular payout from one source (dividends/coupons received from portfolio securities), we have introduced an enhanced income option (R share class5) which aims to provide additional, stable and predictable intended monthly income and at the same time allows you to stay invested for potential capital growth.

R share class5 provides income through two sources:


  • Regular payout7 from dividends/coupons received from portfolio securities. 
  • Additional payout of 2% to 5% p.a.6 from realised capital gains and/or capital. 

Both sources work together to provide potential higher monthly income and improved cash flow.


e.g. The annualised yield for Manulife Global Fund – Preferred Securities Income Fund, Class AA (USD) MDIST (G) was 7.23% in March 20238. With the additional payout (available for the R share class only), the annualised yield for the R share class for this fund was 9.54% in March 20238.


R share class6 is available for the following funds:

  • Manulife Global Fund – Preferred Securities Income Fund
  • Manulife Global Fund – Global Multi-Asset Diversified Income Fund
  • Manulife Global Fund – Asia Pacific REIT Fund


Why invest with us

As a pioneer in insurance for over 150 years, prudent management is in our DNA. It is this commitment in preserving our clients’ wealth that makes us a trusted partner of many across the world. We have strong local presence worldwide, with investment and client service operations in 18 countries and territories, and with Singapore being one of the key hubs in Asia. ​

As of 31 December 2023, our parent company Manulife Financial Corporation has approximately US$1.05 trillion in assets under management and administration (AUMA) globally and Manulife Investment Management has more than US$795 billion in AUMA globally.​

Our income solutions aiming to deliver recurrent income


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Where to buy

The above distributors might not distribute all the funds/share classes mentioned. Please contact your relationship manager or financial adviser representative for more details.​

Standard Chartered Securities (B) Sdn Bhd distributes the following funds for Brunei investors: Manulife Global Fund - Asia Pacific REIT Fund, Manulife Global Fund - Preferred Securities Income Fund and Manulife SGD Income Fund​.​

MGF stands for Manulife Global Fund. The full name of the funds are Manulife Global Fund – Asian High Yield Fund, Manulife Global Fund – Preferred Securities Income Fund, Manulife Global Fund – Global Multi-Asset Diversified Income Fund and Manulife Global Fund – Asia Pacific REIT Fund respectively.

2 These securities are rated below investment grade or unrated (i.e. debt securities which neither the securities nor their issuer has a credit rating).

3 R share class available.

4 The yield of preferred securities is 7.8% p.a. (represented by ICE BofA US All Capital Securities Index), while the yield of investment grade global bonds is 3.8% p.a. (represeted by ICE BofA Global Broad Market Index). Source: Bloomberg, as of 31 December 2022.

5 Refers to Class R (USD) MDIST (G).

6 Refer to the Singapore prospectus for the funds for more information on the intended additional payout. Positive distribution yield does not imply positive return. Dividend is not guaranteed.

7 Distributions are not guaranteed. Distribution may be paid out of capital. Investors should refer to the prospectus for the distribution policy of the Fund.

8 Annualised yield = [(1+distribution per unit/ex-dividend NAV)^distribution frequency]–1, the annualised dividend yield is calculated based on the latest relevant dividend distribution with dividend reinvested, and may be higher or lower than the actual annual dividend yield. Dividend is not guaranteed. 

Important Information​

The source for all opinions and information shown on this site is Manulife Investment Management, unless otherwise stated. The Manager of the Manulife Asia Pacific Investment Grade Bond Fund and the Manulife SGD Income Fund is Manulife Investment Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Company Registration Number: 200709952G) (“Manulife”). Manulife Global Fund (“MGF”) is an investment company registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. MGF has appointed Manulife as its Singapore Representative and agent for service of process in Singapore. The information provided herein does not constitute financial advice, an offer or recommendation with respect to the funds referred herein. Investments in the funds are not deposits in, guaranteed or insured by Manulife or Manulife Global Fund and involve risks. The value of units in the funds and any income accruing to them may fall or rise. Investors should read the Singapore prospectus, and seek advice from a financial adviser before deciding whether to purchase units in the funds. A copy of the Singapore prospectus and the product highlights sheet can be obtained from Manulife or its distributors. In the event an investor chooses not to seek advice from a financial adviser, he should consider whether the funds are suitable for him. The funds may use financial derivative instruments for the purposes of investment, efficient portfolio management and/or hedging. Distributions are not guaranteed. Investors should also refer to disclosures relating to distributions for the funds at Distributions may be made out of (a) income, (b) net realized gains, (c) capital, or (d) gross income while charging all or part of the fees and expenses to capital, or (e) any combination of  (a), (b), (c) and/or (d).  Past distribution yields and payments do not represent future distribution yields and payments. Any distribution is expected to result in an immediate decrease of the net asset value per share/unit of the funds. ​

All advertisements or publications on this website have not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.​ 

Information is correct as of December 2023. ​